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Water Conservation
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Water Conservation in Avila Beach, CA

How We Help the California Coastal Environment

California is currently experiencing a drought and we are taking measures to help conserve water.

We invite you to join us by using the following conservation solutions. Here are some of the ways Avila Lighthouse Suites has implemented water conservation at our accommodations in Avila Beach:

  • Placed non-washable biodegradable cups in your Avila Beach suite.
  • Placed non-washable dishware in the breakfast room.
  • Our policy is to change the sheets every third day of your stay and replace towels left on the floor.
  • Converted from high water-using lawns, trees and shrubs to water efficient landscapes
  • Reduced water levels in toilets, shower heads and washing machines.
  • Made enhancements to pool filters and systems.
  • Increased employee awareness of water use efficiency by offering a housekeeping bonus for lower usage.
  • Ask the front desk how you can earn a $10 housekeeping credit.

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