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Facial Therapies

Sensuous Spa Treatments in Avila Beach

90 min Indulgent Escape $165

An indulgent, relaxing, and completely wonderful spa facial therapy using organic warmed essential oils and other rich, natural elements. Several complimentary aroma essences are synergistically combined to nurture the face, neck and shoulders. Includes an incredibly soothing hand and foot spa therapy. The ultimate in luxury and aromatics.

60 min Harmony & Balance $125

One hour of pure bliss! Rare herbs and harmonious essential oils calm the body, mind and spirit. Layer upon layer of rich aroma essences are applied to the face and scalp, to increase relaxation and encourage a sense of harmony and well-being. Includes a delightful hand massage.

60/30 min Peace & Serenity $125/75*

This essential spa facial therapy, relaxes the face, neck and shoulders, and enhances a sense of peaceful serenity, calming the mind and delighting the senses. Includes a relaxing hand massage.

*Facial massage therapies at our San Luis Obispo spa are performed by certified massage therapists, are non-invasive, non-esthetic, and are solely for the purpose of relaxation and to increase a sense of well-being; they are not intended to treat, groom, correct, or improve any particular skin condition.

*Minimum 1 hr. or two 30 min. services per person. Advance reservations at our Avila Beach spa are required. Call 800-236-5153 to book your appointment or reserve online.

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