Paddleboarding in Avila Beach with blue skies
Activities and Things To do at Avila Beach
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Adventure Awaits in Avila Beach

From the sea to the shore, and so much more

On your next adventure in the Central Coast spend some time exploring the rugged valleys or long stretch of scenic beaches. Although we all love some good relaxation time on our vacations, this beautiful area has so many fun outdoor activities for every type of interest. Whether you're a committed cyclist or practicing paddleboarding, Avila Beach is the place for you. The best part is, so many of these fun activities are completely free. Vacations can add up to a hefty bill, so grab the family, get outside, and see California from an entirely new perspective! If you wondering what to do in Avila Beach when you're here, check out the activities below. 

Adventures on the Central Coast from Martin Resorts on Vimeo.

Making Waves

Take advantage of the perpetual sunshine in Avila Beach and get in the water! After all, when the beach awaits just steps from your room when you stay at Avila Lighthouse Suites, there's no excuse not to go explore the Coast! If you're looking to have a hands-on experience during your visit, try out these exciting activities. From paddleboarding to kayaking, everybody in your party will enjoy making a splash during your stay. 

Trail Blazing

Whether you're into hiking, biking, running, or horseback riding, the Central Coast boasts a plethora of scenic trails that wind up, down, and all around the coast. The many different vantage points and lookout spots from the top of these vistas and hills provide the most incredible views, so head to one of these popular trails for a free, outdoor adventure in San Luis Obispo County.


Thrill Seeking

If the only thing that gets your heart racing is an adrenaline rush, these activities may be exactly what you're looking for. Whether you love wind rushing through your hair as you skydive over beautiful Pismo Beach, ziplining in nearby Santa Margarita, or taking your 4-Wheeler out on the dunes, the Central Coast offers plenty of outdoor activities that aren't for the faint of heart. 

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