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Kids Sea Life Package

Family Fun for All

At the Central Coast Aquarium, there’s an entire ocean to be explored just around the corner from Avila Lighthouse Suites. With our Avila Beach Kids Sea Life Package, your family will enjoy a hands-on experience with dozens of marine animals like sea-stars, rock crabs, sea urchins, and more. Appreciate the beauty of the Central Coast that lies beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean with microscopic labs and coloring activities that will give your kids a full understanding of the importance of preserving Avila’s incredible marine environment. Book your Central Coast family vacation today and enjoy Avila Beach with kids!

The Kids Sea Life Package includes:

  • Overnight accommodations in a suite with plenty of room for the whole family
  • Complimentary breakfast each morning
  • ONE dolphin-shaped backpack filled with a stuffed sea animal, ocean life coloring book and other ocean-oriented items

Quantity of backpacks will be based on the number of children entered at time of reservation.

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